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About us

About us

We are more than just cottages. We are a place where families with children, as well as groups of friends, can find their place.

We offer accommodation in two separate cottages, set in a beautiful garden with greenery everywhere and plenty of space for activities for the whole family.

Discover a place where you can recharge, slow down and relax. Our intention is to create unforgettable experiences through a unique atmosphere and comfortable accommodation.



The history of the cottages dates back to 1949, when a sketch of a larger cottage was preserved.

The history of the cottages dates back to 1949, when a sketch of a larger cottage was preserved. The building was completed in 1953 and at that time already served as a recreational facility for church clergy. The cottage was renovated in 1997, when Katarína and Dušan Valek completed the reconstruction of the building and the surrounding land. Since then, it has been used as an accommodation facility for tourist visitors, who are primarily attracted by the natural wealth of the region. A smaller cottage was built 5 years later when there was a need to further expand its accommodation capacity. In 2006 the cottage had to be completely renovated due to a fire. Nowadays, the development of the accommodation facility is being taken by the sons, who run it under the name of Katka Cottages.

Oravský Biely potok is the oldest village in the valley of Studená dolina, which is famous for its production of stones.

The first written record of the village dates back to 1556. Since the year of 1715 at least, it has become one of the most important centres of stone production in the Orava region. It was focused on the production of asses, millstones, as well as monuments, stones in relief and sacral sculptures. At the end of the 19th century there were up to 3 mines in the village.

“’Of the stone quarries, the most noteworthy is the one in Biely Potok, where they quarry white sandstone; they skilfully manufacture various vessels, tools, statues, stone columns and ornaments out of it.”
(G. Ďurkovič – Notitia historico-geographica Comitatus Arvensis, 1805)

Recently, local stone masons have been trying to continue the rich stone masonry tradition of the village, which is why creative meetings of stonemasons from Slovakia and abroad have been organized here since 2006.